Use Your Mirrors but Look Out

Do you remember when you were going through driver's education training. The coach would say, "Watch out!" or "Look where you are going!" and then he would say, "Use your mirrors, but Look out!"
"Use your mirrors, but look out" is wonderful advice for us even today. So many get "stuck" looking back. How things were before. Life was easier. Things were cheaper. If only I had... Why didn't I go that direction with my life...
Those things are words and thoughts that laden us with guilt. One of my most unfavorite commercials on tv is an elderly man who has just had a heart attack talking with his adult son. He says ,"I should have listened to my doctor." and the son says, "yeah, you should have." Now what does that do. There is NO positive end to that statement. If he didn't listen to him and had the heart attack, he can't go back. Maybe he would have had it anyway. Point being, make a positive decision now, and go forward. the past is just that, it is past. Keep your eyes ahead and follow the path that has been given you to follow, every once in a while, check your mirror to make sure you aren't going toward a mistake you have already lived through, then press on and do the best you can, but keep moving forward. 

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