Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill is a gentleman in his mid eighties whom I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know over the last few years. I have seen his mobility decline, but, still he tries to get on his walker and walk to the end of the driveway a couple times of day to stretch his legs. Once he gets to the end of his driveway, he will stand there and look around the neighborhood to see if there happens to be someone outside who will notice him and come over and chat a few minutes. He is lonely.<!--break--> He lost his wife several years ago and that same year his son who lived on the same block. His daughters take good care of him, but it is just not the same, so every day here he comes.

Today, he comes to the end of the driveway right about the time that the schools are letting out. I saw him, so I go over to see how he is doing. We watch the cars, go much faster than the sign posted in my front yard for the school zone and then goes the school busses. They, too, set their own speed limit, which is beyond the law, hence our conversation about the school busses.

He told me that growing up in Monroe, LA, he lived on the South side of town. He said that he didn't have school busses that would pick them up and deliver them home. He would have to walk a distance and catch a city bus which would take him several blocks from his school, he got off and finished the walk each day. "And that", he said, " cost me a nickel" and smiled ever so big.

It is really fun to visit with him, and most days he shares a memory of his. Today  it was about the school bus, more than once he has told us stories about his time in the service, or when he owned his fish business. He shares his memories, but he teaches at the same time, It might be the correct technique of picking a fig or tips on running a successful business. But, whatever it is, I know that I will learn something from him, something I hope that I will be able to share or carry on with younger folks when I get to his stage in life. Thanks, Mr. Bill.
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