A Little Lagniappe--a newsletter of LAGNIAPPE SEMINARS August 2014 Vol.1 #1

Welcome to "A Little Lagniappe", Lagniappe Seminars' first newsletter. We have been wanting to get this newsletter printed and off to you guys, but were waiting on the best medium and a server and we finally found it, we think.
We hope that you have had a chance to visit our new website, www.lagniappeseminars.com  and hope that you find it easier to use. You will note, that on this one, you will be able to set up an account, so that if you want to come to an additional seminar, your information will be retrieved more easily so you don't have to fill it in so many times. Or, if you would like to see what seminars you have attended since we have been using this website, you can check that out, too. 

 We hope all the navigation you need to do on the site, will be made easier for you and please note on the side, the facebook and twitter icons. We would really appreciate it,*:) happy, if you are on FB or twitter, that you will "like " us. In doing this, you will certainly hear of new offerings much sooner.

[ beginning of state specific newsletter information. this is one for FL]
On our website, we hope you noticed our new evidence based seminar that we will be bringing to FL this September, "Thinking Outside the Box for Better Patient Outcomes." This has been approved for PT/PTA in FL for 8.0 hours and for OT/OTA in FL for 8.4 hours.

You probably noticed our CEBroker stamp, which we proudly display on our website. We were chosen by CEBroker to be able to display this stamp because Lagniappe Seminars has been prompt in reporting continuing education attendance to them in the past.  We proudly display this stamp to let you know that if you work in FL, you will know that you can count on Lagniappe Seminars to get your hours reported promptly, within 7 days, so it will be available for your re-licensure.  This is just one more reason to trust Lagniappe Seminars for your continuing education needs. [end of state specific]
We hope you enjoy this newsletter and find it interesting, and a place where you can see what we will be doing and check out a research article that we found interesting. Hope to see you at one of our locations in the fall.
                                                       ----Anne & Wayne Melvin
NEWS in RESEARCH --a little lagniappe
STRESS MAY BE RELATED TO FALLS IN OLDER MEN. According to an article in the US News and World Report Health, stress such as a serious illness or financial difficulty, death of a close loved one or friend,moving etc may be related to increased risk of falls. The study involved 5000 men older than 65 years old at 6 locations in the US. In the year following the stressful event, 27.7 % of the men fell and 14.7% fell multiple times.  If they had 3 stressful events, just under 40% of them had a fall. Researchers concluded that any stressful life event was associated with 41% increased risk of falling and 2 times the risk of multiple falls. See link below to read referenced article.
Early registration has been extended
Lagniappe Seminars has realized how difficult it has been on some to get the course approved at work and to us within the early registration. So, responding to this, we have lengthened the early registration to 14 days prior to the seminar, instead of 21 days. We hope that will enable more of you to register during the early registration time period.

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